Webinars - Humidity Measurement

Rotronic presents the definitive humidity measurement webinar series created to help you make a more reliable, repeatable and accurate measurement of humidity.

Humidity Theory and Terms - Make a Better Measurement

  • Learn about the basic science behind measuring humidity so that you can make a better measurement. We'll cover the most common parameters used to define water vapor content in gases. 
  • Learn how temperature and pressure affect some parameters and not others. Evaluate your application to decide what parameter is best suited to your particular humidity measurement situation.

When: Thursday, September 29, 3:00 - 4:00PM ET
Where: Live Webinar

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Bruce McDuffee

Bruce McDuffee

Bruce has been teaching humidity theory and application classes for the past 10 years both in live seminar and virtual webinar environments. With a background in the practical application of relative humidity measurement, Bruce brings a unique perspective to the table combining practical hands-on experience in humidity measurement with the fundamental science of the measurement.

Michael Boetzkes

Michael Boetzkes

Michael is an Independent Metrologist specializing in relative humidity and temperature measurement. He has been involved with manufacturing and calibration of Temperature and Relative Humidity measurement equipment for 17 years. Michael is an industry expert in the implementation and evaluation of ISO17025 accredited laboratories for humidity and temperature. He brings practical and theoretical experience to the audience around calibration process, and uncertainty budget evaluation. Michael has also presented relative humidity and calibration training sessions at NCSLi and MSC.