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HF5 Humidity Temperature Transmitter

The ROTRONIC humidity transmitters, temperature transmitters and dew point transmitters are designed for fixed installation in applications ranging from the control of office buildings, storage areas and manufacturing processes to specialized applications such as IT rooms, server rooms, clean rooms, pharmaceutical test laboratories, stabilization rooms and semi-conductor fabrication areas.

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Portable Indicators

HygroPalm Humidity Temperature Indicator

The HygroPalm is a highly accurate hand-held indicator that displays relative humidity, temperature and the dew or frost point. The HP21 is perfect for spot checking HVAC installations, manufacturing and storage areas, and generally for all ambient air measurement within the temperature range of -10 to 60°C (14 to 140 °F). The key features of the HygroPalm will meet user requirements ranging from the most basic to demanding.

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Data Loggers

Water Activity

Select from two basic models of humidity temperature data loggers. The HygroLog is a simple-to-use data logger with a single humidity temperature probe. The HygroLog HL-NT humidity data logger complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and features multi-probe capability and advanced functions such as networking, automatic remote data download, monitoring of external contacts, relay outputs, etc.

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CO2 Measurement

Water Activity

The concentration of CO2 is as an important indicator for the quality of room air. A high CO2 content can cause rapid fatigue and loss of concentration. This becomes noticeable more quickly in small rooms in which there are many people. A climate control system can maintain suitable air quality by increasing the supply of fresh air based on a measurement of CO2 concentration as opposed to just measuring relative humidity and temperature.

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Differential Pressure


The PF4 series is the latest development in a line of new instruments form ROTRONIC. This differential-pressure transmitter gives ROTRONIC customers a device to measure a further important parameter in addition to devices for humidity, temperature and CO2 measurement. With the optional connector for HygroClip2 probe, analog input or temperature sensor, the device is widely supported for the most diverse applications. The thermal measurement technique for differential pressure enables top-precision measurements with excellent long-term reliability.

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Humidity Generators

Humidity Generator

The HygroGen HG2 humidity generator is a calibrator for up to five relative humidity probes simultaneously. The HG2 humidity generator typically requires less than 5 minutes to equilibrate from one humidity condition to another when temperature is kept constant. The HG2 features a user friendly touch screen graphical interface as well as a programmable ramp and soak function with multiple steps and profiles.

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Water Activity

Water Activity

ROTRONIC offers fast and accurate instruments for the measurement of water activity of foods, seeds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Our unique technology also guarantees water activity measurement at the lowest possible purchase price. We offer a choice of three water activity systems that all use the same high precision to ensure consistently precise results and full interchangeability between the quality control laboratory and production areas.

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Water Activity

Based on the AirChip 3000 technology, the HygroClip 2 humidity, temperature and dew point probes are designed for use with our indicators, data loggers and transmitters and can also be used as a stand-alone probe, digital or analog. The HygroClip 2 probes can be configured with the ROTRONIC HW4 software

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Meteo Products

Meteo Products

Airport weather stations, meteorological towers, rooftop installations and any application with continuous data monitoring. Available with different supply voltages, including 115 VAC.

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