Measurement Products

A comprehensive portfolio that includes handheld instruments, measurement transmitters, industrial sensors, OEM products and data loggers. Rotronic measuring devices do service in the most varied areas of application: the pharmaceutical/foodstuff industries, ventilation/air-conditioning equipment, drying processes and measurement of moisture in paper, as well as in meteorology. From us, you buy guaranteed safety: validated software, and an officially accredited, GAMP/FDA conform calibration center, and profit from a global sales and service network.

AF1 150x150

Flow Measurement Transmitter

The AF1 series is a cost-effective, high-precision and stable transmitter for recording air velocity with a calorimetric sensor and outstanding long-term stability.

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Pressure Transmitter BF220

The process pressure transmitters are ideal for measurement of absolute pressure in applications with fast temperature changes and in compressed air, HVAC and pneumatic systems.

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Humidity Measurement

Humidity Measurement

A comprehensive portfolio that includes handheld instruments, fixed mount transmitters, industrial sensors, OEM products and data loggers.

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The range of ROTRONIC temperature measuring equipment comprises of Pt100 probes and instruments such as transmitters, handhelds and data loggers.

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Dew Point

Low dew point probe. Reliable measurement of trace moisture. One probe for portable, fixed or OEM applications. Ideal for compressed air with dew point as low as -60C; desiccant or refrigeration dryers.

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CF1 150x150

CO2 Measurement

A full line of carbon dioxide measurement instruments including fixed mount transmitters, portable handheld meters and bench-top displays. Rotronic CO2 instruments are ideal for indoor air quality (IAQ), industrial and life science applications.

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Water Activity

Water Activity Measurement

ROTRONIC offers fast and accurate instruments for the measurement of water activity of foods, seeds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. This unique Rotronic measurement technology guarantees reliable and accurate water activity measurement.

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Accurate weather forecasting requires accurate measurements. Ideal for applications such as airport weather stations, meteorological towers, rooftop installations or any outdoor humidity measurement application.

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clean room panel

Differential Pressure

ROTRONIC differential pressure transmitters are ideal for clean rooms, operating rooms and applications where even minor differences in pressure can have a big effect.

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Calibration Equipment

Rotronic offers humidity generators and MBW chilled mirrors in support of high precision calibration of humidity instruments.

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HW4 Humidity / Temperature Software

HW4 software is compatible with all ROTRONIC instruments and provides secure monitoring, recording, charting, data analysis and configurable alarming.

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